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Finance is one of the toughest subjects for the students both in their post graduate level and in the undergraduate level. The subject is not based on the accounting system alone, but is having relation with different other subjects. One of the subjects that have close connection with it is mathematics, which is regarded to be a tough paper by all students of numerous disciplines. Different mathematical models are derived and established in the financial derivations. Different business schools frame the financial papers in a way that will help students in their future career. The institutions assign the students different assignments on daily basis that are to be executed with certain guidelines. The assignments can be based on any or all the sub-parts of finance, like trading, securities or venture capital. It can be related to banking and at times can be based on enterprise or public finance. The parts are all conceptual and can be interesting, but for those only who understands them. For all others, the assignments become tougher than anything else. They will have to write down the assignment with care. Scoring well in finance assignments is not that tough, subject to the fact that students are aware of the right techniques.
Finance is a challenging subject and some intelligent students even find it difficult to make the right analysis and presentations in the finance assignments. Different finance models need to be applied properly, in order to establish relationship with interactive figures. Unless these figures are established in the assignments, students cannot get good marks from there. Some of the problematic areas, that are responsible for the poor score card can be listed as follow:
• Choosing the right topic and title of the homework topic.
• Planning the presentation.
• Problem in identifying the right answering method.
• Meeting the deadlines of assignment submission on time.
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