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A dissertation is a long piece of writing on particular topic or subject, especially one written for a university degree. It is specifically a most significant independent work in the undergraduate degree. A dissertation is likely to be lengthy and most difficult work a student has ever completed. However, it can be a rewarding task since, unlike assignments and other types of essays, the students are able to choose a topic of their interest. The topic of the dissertation should be well chosen so that students can collect information within a shorter period of time. Writing a dissertation requires adequate research skills and planning which will be of great value in student’s academic career. Dissertations have been characterized into two forms such as empirical dissertation and non-empirical dissertation. An empirical dissertation includes collecting information on any particular topic. Students can collect their data in many ways: observations to interviews and from questionnaires. Whereas non-empirical are derived from an experiment or experience. There are types of research which can be done to develop a perfect dissertation-

  • Practical research- Practical approach comprises the experimental study of the particular subject and research. It includes empirical research in the form of a quiz, observation, and discussion.
  • Theoretical research- The theoretical framework is the structure that can support a research study or theory.

A dissertation is a final obstacle that students need to pass before getting their academic degree. Many students face problems in completing their academic critical paper like a dissertation. One of the most common problems is the beginning of the dissertation writing. Another problem of a dissertation is the appropriate thesis statement that maintains the objective of the research. When students move towards writing a dissertation, the biggest constraint that comes in the way is the deadline that limits their work. Improper language is also a part of their difficulties; students are in habit of using slangs, jargons which are inappropriate language, as the dissertation is a type of formal academic writing.
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