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A dissertation according to some universities is a very long project, which is based on wider researching and reading on the part of the student. The academic subject department and the level, of course, decides the type of dissertation a student will have to produce to get the degree. The task of writing a dissertation is given to the students in the undergraduate course, post graduate course, and in the Ph.D. course. The various instructions that the students receive for dissertation in the three different courses are:

  • Undergraduate Level: In this level, the dissertation provides an opportunity for the students to enhance their intellectual independence and to gain in-depth knowledge of the subject. The students especially in the courses of theoretical subjects like humanities, English, and social science, will have to develop their ability to critically analyze the writings of the former writers for their research project.
  • Postgraduate level: At this level, the dissertation will demand the students to identify or produce a particular collection of primary sources. The student will have to conduct his own research to fill the papers of the methodology section in the dissertation.
  • Ph.D. level: The students pursuing a doctoral degree will have to make their original contribution to the dissertation so that if the findings are somewhat new and exceptional then they can get it published.

The students while writing the dissertations are not critical enough which affects the results that they obtain after a complete analysis of the subject. The grammatical and punctuation errors are the silly mistakes which are considered to be grave by the examiners. The students often forget to prepare a verbal presentation of their written document and are not able to explain the important key points of their dissertation in front of the faculty. The absence of mind in writing the dissertation also affects the tenses in which they are written. The students often think that writing the bibliography marks the end of their dissertation writing which is not true because editing and proofreading are the ultimate stop to any type of writing.
Our website attempts to provide dissertation writing help to the students who do not have much knowledge about dissertation writing. Our writers are themselves Ph.D. holders which is a big relieve to the students because the dissertation that they will receive has been drafted by the writer, who knows exactly what the professor expects. The services that we offer to our customers are:

  • The writers can be interviewed by the customer himself to judge his potential before he is assigned to the task of writing the dissertation.
  • The customers are never kept in the dark by us, they will have full access to the writer via mail and online chats to get regular updates on their work and to make the necessary suggestions. Our writers draft the outline of the topic and present it to the customer so that they know what points their dissertation will encompass.
  • The work completed is sent to the e-mail ID of the customer and to maintain the uniqueness in the customers’ work, the document is never re-used or re-sold to another client.
  • The details of the customers are extremely confidential and are never leaked to another party. The safety of our customers is our main priority.

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