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An essay allow the pupils to describe a deep knowledge of the subject matter based on exploration and reading. The skill of a great essay is to be able to discuss and assess ideas within a specified word limit. The emphasis of an essay is typically on increasing an argument or scrutinizing the ideas rather than the description. Essays are always written in paragraphs and have a structure which comprises of an introduction, body and conclusion.

  • Introduction: Students should make sure that they do not write the question of their essay. An introduction will set the scene for the entire essay. The objective of the introduction is to classify the topic and argue the claim properly.
  • Body: Here the solid pieces of evidence from the educational readings will be used. The evidences will be used to elucidate and support in detail the reasons of viewpoints in the introduction. Usually, the paragraphs of the essay should consist of six to eight sentences. The bullet points are not acceptable in an essay.
  • Conclusion: The objective of a conclusion is to recapitulate and make concluding remarks on the ideas that are presented in an essay. It should not cover any new ideas.

Students these days are facing numerous problems while writing essays. The most common problems that they have to deal with are:

  • Writer’s block: It is a prodigious feeling of dead end when the writer faces problems like illness, depression, etc. It cripples a writer’s capability to write for long or short periods of time.
  • Plagiarism: With the development of internet, students tend to copy and paste the content from various websites and land themselves in trouble.
  • Lack of time: Another problem which hinders a writer’s progress to produce creative write-ups is the lack of time. Students tend to face personal problems, irrepressible circumstances, etc. At last, they tend to face problems in creating a great essay.

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