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Assignments are a significant part of a student’s academic career and course plan. It is the most fundamental objective of educational courses to provide a sound education and also take an opportunity to cultivate visions in the students. They are a complete way to make certain that pupils take up an efficacious understanding and practical knowledge at home. There is a physical restriction on the ability of the tutor to remain available all the time for the students and also teach them different types of educational lesson. Assignments have developed as an instruction for students. They give a direction to the students through different articles, books, and journals on various topics in a simple way. Assignments have become a parallel process of increasing the habit of analytically assessing any data provided to the students. They are an assessment technique for a student. Assessment done with the help of assignments is a complimentary technique which can be used in connotation with open or closed book evaluation of a student. Assignments are also a method for improving the vocabulary and writing skills of students. Using both primary and secondary research for the assignments cultivate a skill set of extracting accurate information required for the assignment.

Writing an assignment is one of the most intimidating tasks for the students. Following are the problems that are encountered by the students:

  • Formatting: If the teacher has not provided any specific format for the assignment, then the students are free to choose any topic. But the students often make mistakes in choosing an elegant format. Students should make certain that they use Times New Roman and always stick to 12 point font.
  • Proofreading: No matter how amazing assignments have been created, if it is filled with faults and mistakes, it is not going to impress your teachers. It is very important that the students proofread their assignments before submitting.
  • Not understanding the assignment: Many students fail to understand their topic or questions in detail.

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